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Volunteer-run, the NSR team is made up of people from many different walks of life who have come together to create a space for content that reflects more accurately the Alberta we know and love.

Covering issues relevant to the prairies, the goal of the collective is to provide information and insight on issues that are currently under-reported in Alberta’s media landscape from an anarchist, anti-authoritarian, and anti-capitalist perspective. These issues include decolonization, climate change, prison abolition, reporting on far-right hate groups, government policies, grassroots events and organizing, and more.

The North Saskatchewan Resistance project belongs to you. We want it to become a space for:

  • news and analysis
  • first-hand accounts of what’s going on in your neighbourhoods and workplaces, and throughout the province
  • shining a light on the activities of hate-groups and local fascists
  • poetry
  • cartoons and memes
  • promotion of events

Before submitting your story or analysis, we invite you to read over our submission and editorial guidelines. When you’re ready, drop us a line directly at or use the form below to make your submission anonymously.