Our World is Fucked

Our world is fucked. Pure and simple. Let’s not deny it; climate change is real and we have 10 years to do something or it’s going to get a helluva lot worse. Hell, in the past five years, fires and floods have hit our communities. Hundred year heat waves and droughts have ravaged our farm and ranchlands. Our kids are breathing in fumes from the refineries that keep us employed and put food on the table, and our oilsands; which brought us boom after boom are running dry, and the government tells us they don’t know how they will be able to fix the tailings ponds that are even now leaching into the groundwater, poisoning everything downstream.

Who is to blame and who is going to fix this?

Politicians tell us to blame ourselves and those who were in power before; saying we were greedy and shortsighted. They say that we need to trust them, that they can bring oil back to $100/barrel, that they can bring back the boom. But to do this, they say, we must stop caring for each other. Cutback the money for schools, road, and hospitals. Take away the safety nets that protect average people from ending up on the streets and give that money to oil companies in the form of tax breaks and concessions. They want to take the food off our tables and give it to those who have never gone without.

The companies we work for and use everyday don’t talk about who is responsible. Instead they say,

 “Look at this new, shiny product that will clean your floors, entertainment your kids, and save the environment all for the low, low price of your brand loyalty.” We are told not to question, that they have a plan, that if use this app or that product, that if we just keep buying that everything will be okay.

And what about the groups you hear on the news. Soldiers of Odin, Wolves of Odin, Guards, Infidels and bears oh my. The story is always that it is someone else who is responsible. The Muslim, the queer, the non-white, the Jews, feminists, communists, their agenda is the destruction of our heritage and way of life. And the only way to stop this is to get them before they get us. Fuck, we’ve seen this show before. Hell there was a war or two about that.

So if we can’t have faith in the government, our bosses, or the Furries of Oldshit, who should we trust?

Each other. It wasn’t the governments or the bosses who build our communities or raised our kids. It was us. The companies whose names are on all the buildings didn’t lay one brick or pour the foundation. We did. Everyday, average people over weeks, months, years, built the world we live in and it’s time we recognize how powerful we really are. We don’t need to be told what’s best for us, we can do this better ourselves. It’s time to cut out the middleman and become what we always were. People, united.