On Solidarity in Amiskwaciy, and Adversity in the Face of State Repression.

As settlers living on stolen land, what are we when we decide to stand in solidarity with Indigenous land defenders if we are not willing to stand our ground beyond the first whisper of the state preparing to officially ask us to leave? If we make the decision to stand against private industry led removal of Indigenous people from the places that they live, by way of commodity transport disruption through the blockading of railway and seaports, should that not be a decision made with the intention to hold the line for as long as it takes?

People who are defending the territory that they live on don’t just have the ability to pack up and go when words like injunction and affidavit begin to get tossed around. It is my belief that if we are to take up the fight against the genocide of our indigenous siblings that comes from the hand of the industrial hydra, then that is a fight that must be fought for as long as it takes. If the state makes the decision to use violence to remove us while we stand in the path of capitalism in solidarity with those abroad, then we regroup in that moment and approach the situation as necessary. Until then, it is our responsibility to for as long as it takes for our demands to be met.

The time for staying silent has passed. The time for letter writing and signal boosting has passed. The time to take action is upon us. It’s time to be mad. It takes only a small amount of energy to participate in various solidarity actions. Solidarity doesn’t have to mean blockading a highway or railway. Solidarity is as easy as finding the nearest pump station of your favorite local bitumen pipeline, and closing the mainline valve, effectively stopping the flow of bitumen for as long as it takes to have someone sent out to turn it back on.

To the white settler and settler descendants living on and benefiting from the stolen land that is Amiskwaciy, I plead. You are living in the heart of the “north american” industrial hydra. The Trans Mountain Expansion is under construction in your backyard. It’s time to take action in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en people, with Secwepemc people, and with Indigenous people around the world who are resisting the destruction of their land brought on by the increasingly devouring advancement of the black snake. If Jason Kenney feels the need to demonize you for resisting peacefully, then bring your resistance to the shadows! If he wants to fine you $10,000 for locking down to an excavator, by instead immobilizing it in the night (a little bit of research on ecodefense may be required), you take away the opportunity to demonize you at all.

We can not let government fear mongering discourage us from doing what is right. The time is now, my friends. Petro-nationalism must be resisted at all costs and in every way imaginable.