Who we are

We are your neighbours. We are your friends, family, the people you pass in traffic or on the street without a second glance. We know how hard it is to struggle to make it to next payday. To work until your fingers bleed and your back breaks to pay bills that never seem to end. We’re tradespeople, students; we are unemployed, working three jobs, on the farm or in the oil patch. We are single, we are married, we are parents, we have families, we are immigrants far from where we came from. We’re queer, straight, old and young. We come from many places, different backgounds, different beliefs, we are united. We are no one special. We don’t have a magic fix to save everything and bring back the good old days. We are Albertans. We are human. We are just like you.

What we want

We want to cut through the bullshit that we’ve all been fed and work towards a future for all Albertans. To pool together our strengths and skills and do what the politicians and executives don’t want to do, can’t do, or are afraid to do: build a world where we don’t have to sacrifice our lives, our health, our communities to put food on the table. To create a united people who feel empowered and connected, a society where we are all free.

What we believe

Our world and way of life is dying and that those running the show care more about power and profits than people and the planet.

That people, not politicians and corporations, can and will come together to build a stronger and better world

That regardless of race, social status, or gender, we are all affected by what’s happening and we have the power and responsibility to fix it.

That it is time to hold those who have divided us, the people who profit off our work and the destruction of our world, accountable.

That it is time to rethink our ways of living and challenge the status quo.

We believe in you.