Call for submissions

North Saskatchewan Resistance (NSR) is a new alternative media collective located on Treaty 6 (contested) in Edmonton. Our website is set to launch on Labour Day, and as such we are putting out this call for submissions from our communities.

NSR believes that a better world is possible. We believe in the power of community, we believe in each other, and we hope to shine a light on the issues and concerns that corporate-owned media ignores.

The North Saskatchewan Resistance project belongs to you. We want it to become a space for:

  • alternative news and analysis
  • first-hand accounts of what’s going on in your neighbourhoods and workplaces, and throughout the province
  • shining a light on the activities of hate-groups and local fascists
  • poetry
  • cartoons and memes
  • promotion of events

And remember ask not what you can do for your government but what your government is doing to you.

We invite you to read over our submission and editorial guidelines and drop us a line directly at or through our anonymous form with your article ideas.